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S.U.G. Watches Great Buy or Scam?

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SUG Watches

In our first installment we will be taking a look at the S.U.G. Watch Company. The Companies homepage is located at

First Let's take a look at the history of SUG Watches. Click Below (Links are available at the bottom of this page)

As we can see in 1883, a Winterthur watchmaker by the name of Gottilieb Hauser founded the SUG Watch Company to manufacture standardized parts for other swiss watch makers. After some time as the company evolved it started to produce it's own watches.

Now lets get to the question that 9 out of 10 people have about SUG Watches if they have ever heard of them!

Are SUG Watches real Swiss watches??

Let's take a look at what makes a Swiss watch Swiss!

Swiss made" embodies a concept of quality that has been forged over the years. It includes the technical quality of watches (accuracy, reliability, water-resistance and shock-resistance), as well as their aesthetic quality (elegance and originality of design). It covers both traditional manufacturing and new technologies (micro-electronics).

With the above information in mind, the answer to the question is yes, some of SUG's watches are considered Swiss made, What I mean by that is that some of SUG's watches that have automatic movements are Swiss made. The one's that use a Geneve Modified Automatic TY-2866 movement w/ 21 jewels are Swiss made. There a few of the newer SUG watches that are using the Japanese Automatic Citizen 8206 w/ 21 jewel movement. The quartz movement timepeices produced by SUG use either a Seiko or Citizen Miyota movement, two very high quality movements but not Swiss in origin. For the collector SUG's automatic movement watches with the Geneve Modified Automatic TY-2866 movement w/ 21 jewels are the ones to obtain.

Why have I never heard of SUG Watches?

SUG watches are relatively unknown in the United States, But are quite well known throughout Europe. Up until about two years ago SUG was primarily targetting the European market as they always have. SUG's main distribution center is located in the St-Imier section of Switzerland. The address is:

Francillon S.A. 2610 ST-IMIER Phone : +41 - 329 42 52 51 Fax : +41 - 329 42 52 59

SUG recently opened a United States office in Texas at:

1545 Capital Drive Suite 100 Carrollton, TX 75006 USA

Perhaps this office in Texas is a sign that SUG will be trying to get a hand in the American Luxury watch market!

Why are SUG watches being sold on EBAY and UBID for hundreds less than their MSRP?

Ubid is the only authorized retailer for SUG watches in the United States at this point. So where's the catch you ask? The fact of the matter is that SUG is selling UBID watches that are factory seconds which means that they have minor imperfections either cosmetically or mechanicaly that in no way impair their function but nonetheless do not pass SUG's strict Swiss quality control standards. You will never see a large quantity of SUG's on UBID due to the fact that they are factory seconds. UBID lists them as new because they are not refurbished or manufacturer serviced. Like I said above they have minor imperfections either cosmetically or mechanicaly that in no way impair their function. The above was confirmed by me with SUG directly. Think of it this way, have you ever shopped at a GAP or Louis Vuitton outlet store? The clothes sold in those stores are in fact made by the company but are not of the same quality that is found in their retail stores. Because the outlet stores sell factory seconds or old styles that no longer sell well in their retail establishments. As far as Ebay goes all I can figure is that people are buying them off of UBID and re-selling them there hoping to make a profit. Who would buy a luxury timepeice off of Ebay anyway? with all the fake watches that are advertised there.

In conclusion, We have learned that SUG Watches that have the Geneve Modified Automatic TY-2866 movement w/ 21 jewels are the one's that should be sought after by collectors. The other movements that SUG puts in their watches are also excellent but the Swiss movement one's at this point are the Jewel's in SUG's crown. Unfortunately the only way to be sure you get a Genuine SUG watch and not a factory second is to travel to Europe and purchase one there. The distribution center in St-Imier Switzerland has a great store located inside of it for anyone traveling to Switzerland.


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