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The History of SUG Watches

In 1883, a Winterthur watchmaker by the name of Gottilieb Hauser brainstormed the idea for the Swiss Watchmakers Corporation (Schweizerische- Uherenmacher-Genossenschaft) as a distributor of standardized Swiss watch components. Once the word got out, other watchmakers rushed to join this organization with the guarantee that it would boost their productivity and output. Eventually SUG, as it was later dubbed, evolved to the point that it was not only distributing parts, but creating them as well.

But what was the catalyst that drove Hauser to conceive this concept in the first place?

By the time society had reached the 19th century, there was a renewed ambition to produce many cutting edge contraptions so that life could be simpler. Horse drawn carriages trusted to take a family across country in a few months were fading away in the shadow of railroads that could get you there within weeks. Single shot rifles and pistols used for decades by military and lawmen alike were no match for double barrel shotguns and six shooters like the Colt Peacemaker. Technology was maturing on a dramatic scale, and the industry of watch making was indubitably along for the ride.

Soon water and earth were populated by steamboats and railroads, and more so these new inventions provided a luxury that was no longer for the wealthy alone. Furthermore, the expanded need of timekeeping and scheduling escalated the sale of pocket watches not only for the conductors and steamboat crews, but also for their consumers. The sheer fascination with timekeeping was suddenly transformed from an indulgence for higher society into a necessity for everyone.

Some of the most recognized accomplishments in watch making occurred during the mid to late 19th century. These included the development of precision accurate escapements and the utilization of interchangeable watch parts. By the time we had reached the1880's, many European watch companies had integrated standardized parts into their common routine. However, demand greatly outweighed the resources and manpower that these companies had. Therefore, corporations like SUG were created to directly distribute watch parts from one company to another, saving them a great deal of time and money.

Now in the dawn of a whole new century, the initiative of our forefathers has resurfaced. Derived from the influence of the Swiss Watchmakers Corporation and watchmakers who supported it is the determination to continually advance many aspects of contemporary watch making. These ostentatious watches from SUG symbolize the eternal persistence that humanity has to test the limits of our imagination.

Join us as we remember yesterday and reach towards tomorrow.

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